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Charles Correa

Charles Correa, recently exhibited at RIBA, as ‘Greatest Architect of India’, has a multitude of projects nationally and globally. Many critics appreciate his understanding of Indianness and its manifestation in Architecture, giving him a special stature.

Amdavad, has been the place that gave Charles dias for key projects including Gandhi Ashram and ground breaking concept of Tube house. Correa designed a number of projects in Ahmedabad many of which stand on its land as wonderfully as they did before. Some of the designs he made could not realize and added to list of some beautiful but unbuilt projects.

A lesser known fact though, is that some of his projects have been put down by owners/builders owing to land value. This structures no more attract any Architect or student, most stay unknown to the itinerary of scholars.     Very little documentation of the significant body of work specific to Correa and his approach towards building in architecturally rich city of Ahmedabad exists.

This document tries to take a step towards bringing Charles Correa and his architecture in ahmedabad on same page. The document though small, aspires to bring India’s one of the greatest architect’s work back to Architectural scene of Ahmedabad.