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  • Client
    b Safal
  • area
    30.50 Acres
  • Project Type
    Residential Plotted Development
  • Scope
    Master Planning, Landscape, Architecture
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Sagar Prajapati, Hemish Kukadiya , Gunjal shah

Glade One - Extension

Ahmedabad, Ongoing

Glade One epitomizes thoughtful design, offering residents a diverse and enriching living experience.

The plotted development extension of one of the most celebrated community living experiences continues the legacy with smaller and cozy plots, offering an intimate and inviting atmosphere. Carefully curated placement maximizes functionality and contributes to a vibrant community atmosphere. Houses with stunning lake views provide tranquility and picturesque surroundings. Those near the putting golf area cater to sporty and leisurely lifestyles.

Residences facing common green spaces foster community interaction and outdoor activities, promoting openness and communal living. Proximity to a small cafe enhances socializing, contributing to a friendly atmosphere. Homes near boutique shops offer convenience and luxury. Community greens provide expansive views and potential proximity to events. The central green space serves as a focal point for community activities. This emphasis on diverse preferences and lifestyles reflects a well-rounded and inclusive residential approach. Additionally, Glade One extension is part of a larger scheme, boasting world-class amenities, further enriching the overall living experience for its residents.