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  • Client
    Alivio Hotels
  • area
    1600 sqmt
  • Project Type
  • Scope
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Sagar Prajapati

Hotel & Banquet

Ahmedabad, India

Our first encounter with hospitality interiors brought in newer questions for us of decor, materiality, motifs, and brand. The idea for hotel, restaurant and banquet design on a large floor plate of a commercial building on the either side of the stair-lift lobby,  was to look at hospitality interiors as something that appeals to mass  rather than an individual choice, something that makes one feel luxurious, vibrant in ones event. The design developed by deriving the layout with the available resources  – openings, heights, ducts, access, etc and then later with layers of decor and lighting suitable for variety of events along with possibility of temporal customised decor for weddings.