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  • Client
    Vishwanath Realtor
  • area
    41000 Sqmt
  • Project Type
    Public Park
  • Scope
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Sagar Prajapati,Hemish Kukadiya, Shyam Handore

Nanaji Deshmukh Park - AUDA Garden

Ahmedabad, Ongoing

The forthcoming Public Park Project in Ahmedabad, spanning an expansive 41,000 square meters, is set to redefine the landscape of Shela, becoming an emblematic space that enriches the lives of its residents and the surrounding neighbourhood. This park is poised to address the growing need for a high-quality public space in a high-density urban environment, promising to be a sanctuary for all.

Designed with a holistic approach, this park caters to a wide spectrum of users, from toddlers to avid joggers and senior citizens. The park’s focal point is its diverse range of amenities, ensuring there’s something for everyone. For children, there are play areas equipped with sand pits, water fountains, swings, and jungle gyms, fostering fun and imaginative play.

For those seeking tranquillity and wellness, the park features dedicated spaces for yoga and meditation, creating an oasis of serenity amid the bustling city. Vast, verdant lawns offer ample room for group gatherings, picnics, and relaxation, strengthening the sense of community and fostering a vibrant social fabric.

A highlight of this park is the revival of a substantial existing lake, seamlessly integrated into the landscape. This water feature not only provides an opportunity for visitors to sit and enjoy the serene water views but also serves as a natural habitat for wildlife, adding ecological value to the site.

In line with the principles of sustainability and respect for the environment, all existing trees within the park have been meticulously preserved, further enhanced by additional plantings. The result is a lush, forest-like environment that will serve as a green lung and contribute to the overall well-being of the neighbourhood.

As the sun rises over Shela, this Public Park Project will come alive, transcending its physical boundaries to become the soul of the new public realm, where residents can gather, play, unwind, and connect with nature. It is poised to be the new identity of Shela and a haven for its residents, exemplifying the transformative power of thoughtful landscape design in shaping urban experiences.