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  • Client
    Mr Ankit Shah
  • area
    3270 sqft
  • Project Type
  • Scope
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Dolly Khanwani, Hardik Agawala
  • Photography
    Inclined Studio


Ahmedabad, India

House is a reflection of one’s belief. House Pooja Ankit, reflects the idea of ornamentation through
patterns in a contemporary way, through bringing a material palate in contrast or compliment to wood
as a base material. The interior explores combination of different materials with wood, by understanding the properties and architectonical values of each complementing material. 

Brass, glass, stone and fabric were chosen to work with wood in creating different material experiences. The house welcomes through a low height vestibule area claded with stone and wooden paneling into a bright family and dinning space enclosed with the pattern wall exploring the blue hues of the pigmented veneer wall. The formal space is secluded with wood glass partition, creating a world within. The glossy Italian finish feature wall and formal seating arrangement with one accent chair breaks the formal order. The full height curtains open to the lush green immediate property due to its location on 3rd floor makes one feel sitting in the garden on an elevated floor.

The family and dinning space is a continuous volume only divided by a low height crockery unit. The feature blue veneer wall hides entry to the home theater area and makes the family-dining space a door less flowing space. The home theater explores fabric with wood with an Indian low seating space for the large family and friends. The dining space extends to the verandah balcony with low ceiling and seating around plantation. The open kitchen dinning and family area uses glass with wood to create reflections and extend the space.

The linear passage with low wooden ceiling leads to the den of four bedrooms and the private realm of the house. The parent’s master bedroom combines stone with wood in the bed back panels and the working table and creates a simple yet powerful backdrop to the bed. The second master bedroom for the young couple explores brass with pigment grey veneer creating a geometrical pattern tangential to the floor line. The ochre hue on the wall compliments to the curtains and brass lines. The kid’s bedroom explores strain veneer colors with the base pine wood veneer. The full wall unit incorporates the study ledge, the circular niche, toy store, book shelves, etc. while the low bed platform allows the kid to play safe. The fourth bedroom for the guest in a very minimalist manner brings wood with palate of white. The white stone table top for multiple uses along with customized white handles for the wardrobes, and the wooden ceiling holds the ochre niche as bed back. The puja space celebrates the art work of a hand drawn Lord Krishna painting with an envelope of Rajasthani temple arches in wood along with brass bells and stain glass panels to bring in colored light.

The interior overall explores the idea of wood as a base material with complimentary materials such as brass, glass, fabric, stone, stains/pigments, etc to enhance the patterns that reflects the family’s cultural beliefs.