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  • Client
  • area
    4300 sqmt
  • Project Type
    Residential Apartment & Commercial
  • Scope
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Sagar Prajapati

Sampad Arista

Ahmedabad, Ongoing

“The landscape design for the Community within the Residential Scheme Project aims to craft distinctive spatial experiences tailored to a diverse range of user groups, spanning from children to senior citizens. This design incorporates spaces that cater to unique requirements, with features such as water fountains and semi-covered seating areas enhancing the overall spatial quality.

The clean, straight-line geometry of the design complements the overarching architectural language, striking a harmonious balance between communal and private spaces. Attention to landscape details, including hardscape elements, and the selection of native plant species well-suited for the demanding climate of Ahmedabad, work in concert to establish a warm and compassionate living environment.”