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  • Client
    Shreyas Foundation
  • area
    28 Acres
  • Project Type
  • Scope
    Landscape, Architecture, Conservation
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Jay Bhanushali, Yash Siroliya, Hemish Kukadiya

Shreyas Foundation

Ahmedabad, India

Spread over 28 acre campus, Shreyas Foundation is a Learning Platform dedicated to the holistic development of children from all socio-economic backgrounds. The project brief demanded a “transformative” approach towards the master plan, to re articulate the movement system within the campus along with establishing connections with the buildings. The brief also invited to rethink urban institutional “campuses” to be integrated with the “city”, bringing in a paradigm of City – Campus relationship. The restructuring of master plan involved documentation of existing built form along with flora, open spaces, play grounds, topography, access points, etc to come to a frame work which articulates these elements. An addition of ” Children Park” – a unique park for the city, along with reworking on Ar. Geera Sarabhai’s designed building for Smt. Leenaben became part of the park brief. This ongoing project is an attempt to work on such urban campuses integrated with the city, creating more public realm within the private domain.