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  • Client
  • area
    872 sqft
  • Project Type
    Office interior/ commercial
  • Scope
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Himen Vasani
  • Photography
    Chinar Shah

The Minimal Office

Ahmedabad, India

What does a work space require? A ergonometric furniture and a good working light.

This office interior project posed this question of how minimal the office interiors can be? Can it be just bare minimum to required furniture, without any clutter and just enough light to work?

The approach was to do a simple layout with minimum furniture, indirect lighting for the working areas and to have a common space for recreation which breaks this minimal approach to a more chic space for the youngsters which is a sort of coffee bar placed right in the centre of the layout.   

Designed for a account profession, the spatial needs included a meeting room, two cabins, a space for twelve people to work and a space for recreation and informal gathering. The two areas of the layout contains the functional working spaces, connected by the classy coffee bar at the middle. Plain white walls, indirect lighting, grey furniture with a tint of teal, became the colour palette, while teak and teal becomes the palette for the recreation space.