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Urbscapes is a design studio based in Ahmedabad, India founded by Narendra Mangwani and Nidhi Parikh in year 2008. The studio works in the field of master planning, landscape, architecture & research & documentation. The name of the studio “urbscapes” is a combination of “urban” & “landscape” as we believe working in our cities through built environment is shaping its landscape.

We believe that design has to be appropriate to the context, climate, and function & should be in harmony with the nature. We strive to strike a balance between the need of the projects & what the project can offer. Each project is important to us, as it gives an opportunity to question & find appropriate answers.

our team

Narendra Mangwani – Principal Architect 

Narendra Mangwani is an academician, researcher and practicing architect & urban designer. He has been involved with master planning, urban design, housing, landscape, and architecture. He teaches urban design at Faculty of Planning at CEPT University. His work has been published in National & International magazines. His core role in practice is to develop conceptual framework, design ideas & overlook strategies for execution, budgeting & implementation.

Nidhi Parikh – Principal Architect

Nidhi Parikh, is an architect with her Masters degree in Landscape Architecture. Along with her husband, she is cofounder of URBSCAPES, a firm that deals projects from master planning to interior design. Nidhi’s quest for design and detailing enables her to deal projects from landscape master planning to interior furniture details. Her projects are widely published in national as well as international publications.
  • Sagar Prajapati

    Sagar Prajapati

    Project Manager
  • Hemish Kukadiya

    Hemish Kukadiya

  • Pratipalsinh Gohil

    Pratipalsinh Gohil

  • Indrayani Lende

    Indrayani Lende

    Architectural Intern
  • Ishika Gawai

    Ishika Gawai

    Architectural Intern
  • Nikhil Soni

    Nikhil Soni

    Architectural Intern
  • Kutbuddin Panwala

    Kutbuddin Panwala

    Admin Head
  • Hitesh Rawal

    Hitesh Rawal

    Office Boy