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  • Client
    Iqbal Tirmizi
  • area
    11,000 sqmts
  • Project Type
  • Scope
  • Team
    Nidhi Parikh, Narendra Mangwani, Neerja Dave
  • Photography


Ahmedabad, India

A Mughal Style monumental house sits amidst a large plot demanding landscape intervention that creates a foreground. The landscape style needed to be explored. We took up Islamic patterns to begin with, while analyzing site conditions, soil, sun & program.

A large portion of the site was developed as fruit orchard, making a prelude to the house; the genesis goes back the Mughal Gardens with fruit trees. The foreground with a covered car porch & a drive way surrounding a large circle like a “pendant” uses Geometric patterns composed with planters. Each band uses specific planting palette with sharp lines demarking the desired patterns on ground. The “pendant” serves a public gesture with the grand forms.

The rear garden of the house manifests the idea of “Char” Baugh, with “star” shaped water bodies, walkways and planters. Mughal Garden explores these elements of thin water features, pointed fountains, geometrical walkways, manicured planters & lawn. Coming from a water scarce region, Mughal Landscape are response to this limited resource, using Water to minimal yet strong, clean, direct.

The garden extends to further rear portion where the topography changes and the site sinks to a lower level, creating an opportunity to approach access. Steps combined with ramp resolves the access creating a landscape design which integrated the existing trees and slope while making the trail effortless.