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  • Client
    Sandeep Patel
  • area
    863 sq mt
  • Project Type
  • Scope
    Architecture, Interior, Landscape
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parkih, Himen Vasani, Sagar Prajapati
  • Photography
    Inclined Photography

Bilasiya House

Ahmedabad, India

Spread over 1000 sq yards of land, the existing house was approx 300 sq yards of built mass with 3 bedrooms and living, dining and cooking space. The client wanted to transform the house from weekend home to a first home with an added bedroom and a more sizeable living space. The design process began with documenting the house in terms of it being a load bearing structure and then working with it carefully to see where the puncture and additions can be done. The existing sloping roof helped in extending the living space and also realigns the entrance by adding a large veranda space.

The project also included interiors and landscape design. Landscape here is designed keeping in mind the clients requirements of having a large lawn where they can congregate and entertain the guests, a Kitchen garden and a cosy patio which opens from the living space for the family members. Parking space enclosed with dense plantation opens to a plaza which is created to pause and have a view of large garden space with existing large palm trees along with a feature wall and a specimen tree to welcome the guest. The ramp further takes you to the house while you appreciate the flowering beds on the sides.

Finally the house became home for the family with Cosy, traditional, rustic kota floor, swing, and seating, inlay of local stones in the dining space and outdoor extension of the family space.