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  • Client
    Mr. Verandra Shah
  • area
    450 sqmt
  • Project Type
  • Scope
    Architecture, Interior
  • Team
    Narendra Mangwani, Nidhi Parikh, Prabhuti Desai.

Elevated Box House

Ahmedabad, India

It would have been an interesting proposition for Le Corbusier while working on Villa Savoye, by elevating the house on upper levels on a vast open site, while the elevated box was the only possible way here.

Situated on a very compact site in a dense neighborhood of the city, the house demanded an approach to lift spaces on upper floors because of the large programs of livable spaces, and need for car parking on the lower level. The house is imagined as a container which is lifted and put on pilotis (columns) and ground becomes free for parking, services and as a multi-functional space for the family.

Public spaces such as drawing room, family room, dining, kitchen, utility, Pooja space & a large verandah take up the first floor, while 4 master bedrooms take up the above 2 floors, making it a compact – “large” area house. The sun direction helps to locate these functions with a vertical circulation core serving all the floors.

Punctuated with a cutout in each floor, this elevated box in interconnected from inside allowing dialogues across the 3 floors, with an additional green space between the two master bedrooms on the third floor.

The house resembles a “box-container” with an envelope where life happens inside at each level and across.